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Professor Amanda Kenny is based at the La Trobe Rural Health School, in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. She laments the fact that she was not born digital and attempts to convince anyone that will listen that she is a digital native. Despite her Apple watch and enthusiasm for anything digital, her birth date puts her more in the camp of digital immigrant or digitally converted. Her foray into the use of all things digital first occurred almost two decades ago and since that time she has taken every opportunity to digitally enhance her life as an academic and health service researcher. Her research expertise centers on participatory research methods and she has extensive experience working in partnership with community members to improve health outcomes. She is widely published internationally and is frequently invited as a key speaker at national and international conferences. Amanda has conducted extensive research and consultancies for Government, with an emphasis on service design, funding models and workforce development.

Professor Amanda Kenny,
La Trobe Rural Health School
+61 3 5444 7545
+61 408 512 973


Dr Carol McKinstry coordinates the La Trobe Rural Health Occupational Therapy Program in Bendigo after establishing this course in 2009. She teaches a range of subjects including research and using research findings in occupational therapy services, project management and coordinates the fieldwork placements for occupational therapy students. Carol supervises a number of PhD and masters research students who are researching cancer rehabilitation, rural health workforce development, community engagement and innovative fieldwork placements for students. She gained her Ph.D. in 2008 investigating workplace learning for newly graduated occupational therapists. Carol chairs the Occupational Therapy Australia Committee that oversees compliance with World Federation of Occupational Therapy Minimum Education Standards for Australian occupational therapy courses. She is passionate about ensuring graduates are future proofed and able to handle future practice challenges that we do not yet know about.

Doctor Carol McKinstry,
La Trobe Rural Health School
+61 3 5448 9111


Professor Teresa Iacono is Professor of Rural and Regional Allied Health in the La Trobe Rural Health School, Bendigo. As a qualified speech-language pathologist, she is acutely aware of the power of and need for clear, immediate and efficient communication in both professional and personal spaces. Teresa has worked for over 30 years researching communication for people with disability and severe communication impairment. Reflecting preferences of individuals with disability for different communication modes, Teresa’s must have technologies move between the ever agile but low tech fine point pencil, and any ne w device that will fit in her hand, on her wrist or in her handb ag. Despite a love-hate relationship with technology, Teresa believes that digital literacy may well be the path to Nirvana – or at least its encrypted secrets. Digital literacy is fundamental to her work as a researcher and tertiary educator. Teresa has an international research reputation in augmentative and alternative communication, and health and mental health of people with developmental disabilities. She has developed a fully on-line subject on Health and Wellbeing of People with Developmental Disabilities, which encourages students increase their comfort in interacting in the digital space.

Professor Teresa Iacono,
La Trobe Rural Health School
+61 407 363 653


Dr John Hannon is a Senior Lecturer in educational development at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He researches academic work and teaching practices with digital technologies, supervises research students and teaches into a postgraduate course in higher education. He has published extensively and internationally on educational technologies, academic development, professional practice, open education practices and intercultural communication, and has two awards for his publications. His current research focuses on academic work and teaching practices with the emergence of digital literacies in higher education contexts, with grants for research into embedding digital literacies into curriculum, and on interdisciplinary teaching.

Dr John Hannon
La Trobe University
+61 3 9479 1533


Dr Kaye Knight is an occasional researcher at La Trobe Rural Health School and an industry based educator in the rural health sector. As an early career researcher in the third trimester of her working life, Kaye’s preference is to get involved in projects that have significance and immediate application to the health care setting. While Kaye is happy utilise technologies to achieve everyday tasks, some digital phenomena such as social media and nag technology leave her scratching her head. With a keen industry eye, and a healthy dose of cynicism and wonderment, exploring digital literacies as a big picture concept has been an illuminating process. Kaye is most excited about how digital spaces and technologies are blurring the traditional demarcation between the role of patient and health professional and the possibilities this presents.

Doctor Kaye Knight,
La Trobe Rural Health School
+61 428 340 221